Baylee Bastron


Baylee Bastron a junior at Weber High school. Baylee has been in FFA for two years and she plans to continue this inspirational experience to the highest degree. After Baylee finishes her senior year, she dreams to become a state officer of FFA and follow in her parent’s footsteps. Baylee is currently the secretary for her FFA chapter, and even though Baylee has no idea what she’s doing she still loves it more than anything. This year she is on the Vet team and hopes to still be next year. Being a veterinarian has been her dream since she was little. Baylee plans on raising a hog for the Weber county fair in early August. She also has a very serious love for her six cats and two destructive dogs. Baylee’s favorite movie is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and she watches it at least 20 times a year. She also loves steak and enjoys raising the animal that produces it.