Navigating National Convention

For many FFA members, this is your first time attending the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. You’re preparing for the legendary sea of blue that your agriculture teachers have told you about. You’re packing for the unpredictable weather of Indianapolis. Most of all you’re preparing for all the memories and experiences you’re going to make in one of the best weeks out of the year. But what are you supposed to do with all the amazing opportunities at National Convention? How do you decide which sessions to attend and places to tour. Here is a guide to help you navigate all the wonderful opportunities.


Attend the career expo

The career expo is a great way to learn about thousands of job opportunities while riding a mechanical bull. At the main convention hall, there are over 2 acres of booths and education that you should be sure to check out.


Get signatures in the back of the guidebook

Part of attending National convention is meeting people from all over the country. In the back of the guidebook, there is a section to get signatures from each state and some special signatures too. This is a great way to make new friends from dozens of states.


Attend multiple sessions

Whether you attend a session for your favorite national officers retiring address or because your chapter is receiving an award. It is always a great experience to attend multiple sessions and hear what the speakers have to say, and see how amazing chapters around the country are.


Check out the agriscience fair

The agriscience fair is a great way to learn about the advancements in agriculture and hear from the future of agriculture talk about their passion. You never know you might find a new passion.


Take a photo with a cowboy hat and lasso

There are many photo challenges that take place at National convention. But a vital part of gaining the full experience of convention is finding the cowboy hat booth at the FFA mall. Whether you get a crazy color or stick with the classic brown cowboy hat it is essential to take a photo wearing one.


Shop the FFA mall

Going along with the cowboy hat, the FFA mall is one of the most amazing stores there is. There are cowboy boots, phone cases, hundreds of different types of shirts, and so much more! If you’re obsessed with FFA apparel like I am, your little FFA heart will be overwhelmed.


Learn new accents

One of the coolest things to do when meeting new people is to play around with their accents. Coming from a very southern area, it is pretty strange hearing people call “coke” something like “pop” or “soda.”  So while you’re meeting new people ask them to say a couple of words to see if they speak differently.


Check out the hall of states

Hall of States is where representatives from each state bring crops and commodities from their state and teach you about the state. This is something like a mini cross-country road trip without spending all that money on gas.


Attend the rodeo and concert

How often do you get to go to a concert with a huge group of your friends and hang out and listen to some awesome music? That’s exactly what the concert and rodeo offer. You get to watch the worlds toughest rodeo and listen to the amazing Rascal Flatts and Runaway Jane. You get to experience these events without having to deal with all the other outside distractions.


Use the Everything Agriculture hashtag on posts

If you’re posting a pic of FFA way, Indianapolis Speedway, or some awesome pics of you and your chapter, we want to see them! At your time in Indy, we want to see how everyone experiences National Convention. So when you post use our hashtag #EAat90!


Have a great convention everyone, and stay safe!


-Lisandra Mejia

Vice President/Editor for Everything Agriculture

Elementary Equipment Education

This weeks chapter of the week is dedicated to the chapter that focuses on developing the next generation while making sure there is a next generation to teach. While in younger grades we are taught about fire safety and online safety there was something most of us were missing. That was farm and equipment safety. Monmouth Roseville FFA chapter in Illinois has devoted themselves to changing that.

While using the hands-on experience they taught 5th graders in the community how to handle farming equipment and what to do if the unexpected happens. One of the workshops took place with a fake grain silo that they had built. The workshop was that someone had fallen into the silo and the students had to figure out a calmly way to get them out. This used real-life scenarios to prepare students for the small possibility that something like this could happen and how to respond to it.

Monmouth Roseville also used their resources to teach the kids about proper ATV, tractor, railroad safety.  This among other are agricultural skills that the kids learned from the members.  The chapter said that they felt that there was a need in the community for the young people to know how to act around equipment and how to treat it. Teaching these students was just as impactful for the FFA members. It combined their passion for teaching, with their passion for the kids.

This was a great way to combine high schoolers with 5th graders and help build relationships between them. While also giving the high schoolers the experience of teaching and giving the 5th graders the information that could possibly save their life one day. All FFA chapters should be reaching out to younger communities around the nation to make sure that no careless mistake changes a students life.  It is the duty of FFA members to exert an influence in their home and community, and this FFA chapter is doing exactly that.


-Lisandra Mejia

Vice President/Editor for Everything Agriculture

Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Agriculture

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There’s a lot going on in the news today, but I want to bring an important topic to your attention This topic is Hurricane Harvey. As you may know in Texas there has been one of the biggest hurricanes ever. Many lives have been lost and this is a tragic time for many families. The hurricane has also been a big impact on agriculture. Many things including gasoline and many kinds of animals. So what can we do to help with this.  What impacts does it have on agriculture?      


One of the the biggest things about this hurricane is that this storm has taken 44 lives and it’s not over yet (at the time i’m writing this). Families have been stranded on and in their cars. People were not expecting or warned about all the rain that was coming their way. So some decided to stay and ignore evacuation warnings.


The second biggest thing would be the animals in Texas. Since they did not evacuate in time many animals perished when the storm hit.This has not been covered greatly in the news. This is a truly sad thing to see how  many have died. Many pets have been abandoned and  will not survive. As many cattle and food animals have died this will affect all of us. There has been an estimated $150 million dollars worth of agriculture commodities that have been lost due to the hurricane. This impacts America’s economy and the consumer. That’s us, we are the consumer. So that means that some food prices are going to go up a lot because of the crop loss. Our grocery store isn’t the only thing that will be impacted so will our gas pumps.


As noticed by many Americans gasoline and diesel prices have gone up. This is due to the storm stopping some of or imports. Since some of the biggest producers of oil is in Texas then that means that there isn’t as much fuel in the US as there normally is. With means the demand for gasoline goes up. When demand goes up so does prices, this is affecting every person who drives a car, and the majority of transportation agencies. Hopefully soon prices will drop as we clean up and get imports and trucks moving in Texas.


I’ve told you the problems that are happening because of this hurricane, but how can we help. We can donate to help with the cause either it being our time or labor. A big light on this topic is all of the attention this topic is getting. With a lot of famous people are noticing this tragic event. And are going down with boats to help save people. This event has shown that we can all come together and work together to make the world a better place.

-Noah Bennett Everything Agriculture Writer

If you want to donate follow these links to help provide relief


The Biggest Lesson FFA Has Taught Me

All of us have learned from our time in the FFA. Some have learned to judge cows or speak in front of people. We’ve all gained knowledge that we didn’t have before.For some of us though the biggest lessons that we have learned aren’t what we are tested on or we use in a competition, the lessons that help us in life. This is the biggest lesson FFA has taught me.


The school year has either started, or we are counting down the days. This means that binge watching season is for the most part over. Grey’s Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why, and if you are a D.C. Fan; like me maybe The Arrowverse is what you’ve been watching. In every single one of these shows is a timeline. As we all know Newton’s third law states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Going back to 13 Reasons Why the tapes are the reaction to what each one of the characters did to Hannah. Or any change in the past in the “Legends of Tomorrow” has an equal effect on every individual’s present and future lives.


Let’s think back, do you remember what you wanted to be when you were seven? Maybe you wanted to be a doctor, fireman, or a spy, but as we all know plans change. For every action we have on this earth we get an equal and opposite reaction. Whether that’s positive or negative. Most of us believe that we create our futures. Be that as it may, maybe our future is already planned for us.


This means that every person, place, thing, and idea we visit, see, or think of was exactly where we needed to be in that piece of our timeline. I know it sounds crazy because that’s exactly what it is. Without the certain events that happen in our lives we would never end up where we are right now. Every success, failure, and experience we have become a part of the story that changes at the least one person’s life in our future!


We always end up right where we are supposed to be. I wanted to be a graphic designer until my ag teacher took me to a forestry camp… then I wanted to be a forester. Let’s say that didn’t last for long. I have the next fifteen years of my life planned out all because one person walked into my life and told me “Every man must have a code and a creed to live by.” That was my ag teacher. Now I want to become an Ag Teacher and even though I’ve planned out my life. We all know that life shakes up a couple times along the way, but what’s meant to be will happen. If anything this is one of the biggest lessons FFA has taught me!


Haleigh Meeks

Everything Agriculture Writer

Checklist Of A Leader

The school year has ended and so banquets have taken place, state convention is over and regional or area rallies have happened. This means new officer teams have been elected. Whether you are a returning officer or a new officer, I hope you find this checklist beneficial. Every one of us has the potential to be an astonishing leader. We all have the opportunity to change the world. What sets some apart from others is how they choose to use the gift. Becoming a leader is not something that happens overnight. It comes from years of mistakes and failures as well as overcoming and accomplishments. Even the most put-together leaders are still learning and growing every day. So whether you are an officer, manager, mentor, coach or a leader without a title here is a checklist that will ensure growth as a leader.
“Go big or go home.” It’s a cliche saying, but there is a reason it’s a cliche. When it comes to having the passion for an organization or activity, it is important that you are doing it with your full heart. If you’re not doing it with your full heart, then why are you doing it? Great leaders have a passion for what they are involved in. If a teacher comes into class hating the subject they teach, the students are going to hate it as well. On the other hand, if a teacher enters class on fire with passion, then the students are more willing to listen and participate. To inspire others, leaders have to have passion.

How to improve: 1) Rethink your priorities. If something is not important enough to devote your whole heart to it, maybe it’s not that important.

When you are a leader, you are a role model and inspire people, whether you mean to or not. That means people are watching your every move and every decision. If you’re going to be a role model be a good one. When you have the chance to influence someone’s life by inspiring them, the impact should be positive. As a leader, you should be someone that people want to look up to and replicate their actions after. Even if you are a role model or inspiration for anyone, it is a necessity for you to also have inspirations. Whether it’s a religious inspiration, family member, teacher, friend, boss, or whoever continue to look to them for wisdom and guidance. Great leaders follow greater leaders.

How to improve:  1)Always be a positive representation for your organization, your school and most importantly yourself.  2) Replicate your actions after the people you look up to because people are doing the same to you.

Confidence is one of the qualities that can set you apart from others in a crowd. You might be nervous inside, but if you can get in front of people and be confident then that will leave a bigger impression on the audience. When you act like you know what you are doing people are more likely to pay attention and listen to you. It is easy to confuse confidence with skill. People will say “I want to be a more confident public speaker.” When what they really need is to develop better public speaking skills rather than being more confident. Make sure you know the difference, and you have confidence but you are not overconfident.It is essential to find the balance between confidence and humility.
How to improve: 1) Scientist have shown that doing the superman pose before giving a speech or an anxiety-inducing task, will give you more self-confidence.
Some examples of how power posing can actually boost your confidence
Having humility is usually looked over when describing a leader. Because no one wants to admit they made mistakes and that they need help. This trait, though is vital to being a successful leader. Humility gives you the power to open up to more ideas. You are willing to listen to feedback on how to improve and fix something. You learn from your mistakes and gain wisdom to pass on to other leaders. Humility gives you the chance to self-reflect on yourself on how you can change yourself to be a better leader. Humility leads to being humble, and most people prefer a humble leader than a hotshot leader.

How to improve: 1) Realize you make mistakes because everyone does. 2) Seek opinions and feedback from other leaders. 3) Be willing to take criticism

Every individual is different. Some may have more in common with others, but no one identical. I’ve mentioned before look up to role models and mock them in their decisions and actions, but DO NOT copy everything they do. They may be successful and knowledgeable and as we may view them as perfect. To get to that position they made their own choices, they applied suggestions from others, but they found their own way to success. Follow their guidance but do not follow their every step. As a leader you want to be different than everyone else, you want to stand out. You are unique and do not get rid of that because you are a leader.

How to improve: 1) Embrace differences. Everyone has little things that make them different than others. 2) Instead of pointing out the differences and criticizing them, encourage the uniqueness; in yourself and others.

Respect is something everyone should possess, leader or not. Respecting differences, ideas, decisions, actions, perspectives, it is all part of common courtesy. As a leader respect is possibly the most important aspect. If you respect others then that will give you a better image along with being a great human. When you respect teammates and figures of authority they are more willing to work with you and cooperate with you. To gain respect you must respect others. No one is going to treat you with kindness if you don’t treat anyone with kindness. In a leader’s view respect has two meanings. Respect others because it’s how you were raised and, to gain respect from others treat them how you want to be treated.

How to improve: 1) Respect everyone. Whether it is listening to someone with the exact opposite beliefs and not telling them how wrong they are, or saying please and thank you. 2)Respect will get you long ways in life.

If you’ve attended any leadership or team development workshop you’ll recognize this saying; “Communication is key.” The reason they say this is it is honestly the key to success in any organization or business. Without communication, it is true chaos. Plans can get misinterpreted, people could miss an important meeting, and confusion blossoms. The lack of communication can also cause conflict between members and leaders. So whether it’s making a group chat or personally speak to every individual involved in the activity, it is essential you have a way of communication.

How to improve: 1) Make sure everyone that needs to come in contact with you has a way of communicating with you. 2) Always hear everyone’s opinion.

“My advice will always be based on true knowledge and ripened with wisdom.” Wisdom is something that comes from years of experience. Years of disappointments, challenges, lessons, accomplishments, and triumphs. The wisdom you accumulate can be beneficial in multiple ways. It can help in problem-solving, giving advice, helping others, making decisions. While most of the leaders that are reading this aren’t really old enough to have decades of wisdom. Most have learned from mistakes and trails that they have faced. The knowledge you have picked up in your years have made you into the person you are. Use the wisdom you have to help advise fellow leaders and fellow and to guide yourself.

How to improve: 1) Learn from your mistakes, don’t dwell on that you failed, rather take it as an opportunity to learn. 2) Always take every chance given to you to try something new.

These are just some of the qualities that are looked for in a leader. Every leader has their own combination of strengths and weaknesses. Just because you may not possess some qualities that are associated with being a leader, doesn’t mean you aren’t. Not everyone should be the same. As long as you have a passion for what you do and learn from your struggles you are a great leader.

Share this article with leaders you look up to and the leaders in your life.

Lisandra Mejia

COO & Editor

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The Heart of True Service

I remember when I was going through State Officer interviews. I got the golden question. It asked, “In your own words, how would you describe service?” First, let’s start off with the definition of service. Service; the action of helping or doing work for someone. You’re probably wondering what does this mean? This means that service is the foundation of FFA. So we as leaders in this organization have to be filled with want to serve.

I know you’re wondering, how would I describe service? The way I describe service is helping someone out with the kindness of your heart, expecting nothing in return. This means that you do a good deed because it impacts others. 

The next way I would describe service is putting others before yourself. Meaning you go out of your way to meet a person’s needs before yours. For example, a person didn’t have a shirt. You would give that person the shirt off your back to provide him with clothing. This is the cliche version of service we think of “I would give you the shirt off my back.” While we’ve all heard it, a true leader says it and means it. They are willing to help others even if it takes away from them. Service can also be on an emotional need as well. Service isn’t always doing something for someone, sometimes it is just listening to what someone has to say. You serve others out of your own heart, not out of your brain thinking you will get a reward. Rather service has a deeper impact on everyone involved.

Service is done with passion. Without passion, you are not performing service. Okay, I lied you are still doing service but not for the right reasons. You see service isn’t self-centered it’s about others. The reward from service is seeing how others prosper from your works.

As FFA members, you’re probably wondering what does this mean? Well, let me tell you. This means that it is our job as FFA members to serve. I know we hear this all the time in this organization, but it’s the truth. “Living to serve.” We as FFA members should live to serve, and not expect anything in return. The  reward that is gained from service is bigger than yourself. This means that every time we zip up this FFA jacket it’s our duty to inspire somebody. It’s our job to show the world that agriculture will always be a way of life.

You see, when we serve we have to set ourselves aside and ask ourselves what can we do for others? When we serve the only reward that matters is that a difference was made in the lives of others.  We shouldn’t expect any materialistic things in return. We should instead ask that a heart of service is continued to be passed on to make this organization greater. As the FFA creed States that we must believe in agriculture with a faith not born of words, but of deeds.

So all I ask is that you take the time to ask yourself. What can I do for others? Not how will this benefit me? 

Rico Roberts,

Everything Agriculture Writer

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Before I Joined FFA I…

Before I joined FFA I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had no clue about the diversity of agriculture. I was one of the last people you would have picked to be a public speaker. I had leadership skills but didn’t know how to use them. Before I joined FFA, I thought it was just a group of farmers. All these things and more that have changed since I joined FFA. I hope that you can relate to this list of Before I joined FFA I…

Had never run on so little sleep

During national convention and FFA week, sleep is for the weak. Being a devoted member or officer means being at school really late and waking up super early. Whether the waking up is for SAE purposes or practicing for a competition, sleep is not on your priority list.

Had never woke up at 4 to go to school

Personally, I would rather get to school at 5 to practice for a CDE than to show up at 8:30 and do quadratic formulas.On the day of competitions, there are chapters who travel 5+ hours to get to the area of competition. Either way waking up at 4 am is no big deal to an FFA member.

Never studied for days

The days before competition are some of the stressful days there are. You think of everything that could go wrong so you prepare to prevent that. You learn every little detail on the subject in because you don’t want to miss the little things. Studying for CDE’s is time-consuming. Especially when you are voluntold by your advisor 3 days before the competition.

Had never felt the stress of competitions, applications, etc.

Competitions, proficiency awards, degree applications, chapter awards, officer applications, scholarship applications, and actual school work. This list does not even begin to cover what FFA stress over. Most FFA members work along with keeping up full-time SAE. It’s no wonder that FFA members are stressed to the max. Eventually, all the stress and hard work turn into achievements and accomplishments, so I guess it’s worth all those gray hairs.

Had never gone through 20 pairs of pantyhose in a week

Guys may not be able to agree with this one but girls… come on yall know about this struggle. Going to any convention, competition or trip you always have to take extra pairs of pantyhose. For a day trip, the average female FFA member will take 2-3 pairs of pantyhose. That is for one day! I get that pantyhose are a major part of the official dress, but they can get very annoying.

Had never learned about such diverse topics

Before joining FFA I thought agriculture was just farming. After joining and taking agriculture courses I learned that agriculture is such a broad topic. Agriculture is business, technology, politics, research, education, leadership, growing crops, taking care of animals, and so much more. While agriculture has many aspects FFA focuses on each one of them. It amazed me that FFA had competitions on vet science, public speaking, agriculture business management, tractor safety, etc. Through FFA and agriculture classes,  I learned the diversity of agriculture that I would have never learned anywhere else.

Had never had so many doors open

The opportunities with FFA are endless! The opportunity to travel across the country is one that does not need to be passed up. Whether it’s traveling across your state and realizing what all your state has to offer, or going to Indianapolis, Indiana; the traveling opportunities are unrealistic. Not only is traveling a big plus there are so many other opportunities. The opportunity to make friends across the country and even outside of the US. The most outstanding opportunity is the career opportunities. The National FFA Organization gives away 2.2 million dollars in scholarships. This does not include all the other scholarship chances from other organizations for students pursuing a career in agriculture. Not to mention the thousands of careers opening up every year in the agriculture industry.

Had never had to memorize so many things

The five-paragraph belief statement of The National FFA Organization or also known as the FFA Creed; was one of the hardest things I’ve had to memorize. In the agriculture courses in my school, it is required for all agriculture students to recite the beloved creed. Along with reciting the motto. While our motto is just 12 words it’s worth the FFA members means far more than just 12 words.

Had never realized what I am capable of

Through the help of my advisor and fellow members I have discovered there is no limit to my goals. I am capable of anything I set my mind to. FFA has shaped and molded me into the leader I want to see in the world. I never knew what kind of influence I could exert in my home and community until I joined FFA.

Hadn’t found my passion

I always knew I had a passion for helping and teaching others. When I started my agriculture classes as a freshman I was exposed to the world of agriculture. After learning about agriculture and getting involved in FFA, I discovered I had a passion for agriculture. After talking to my agriculture teacher and discovering more about the career path of agriculture education I realized that is what I am meant to do.  I am not the first student to find their passion through FFA. FFA opens up our minds to the variety of careers and helps us find what we want to spend the rest of our lives doing.

Had never worn corduroy

The classic blue corduroy jacket. The symbol of The National FFA Organization all throughout history. Before FFA, corduroy was probably not a huge part of our wardrobe. Since joining FFA the jacket has become a valuable piece of memorabilia to members across the country. It stands for the dedication, hard work, leadership and memories that have made members into who they are today.

Had never found an organization in which everyone believed in the future of agriculture

“I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born not of words but of deeds” The first line of the belief statement of The National FFA Organization. 600,000 current members know the creed and believe it with full hearts. Never before FFA had I met more dedicated and enthusiastic students. When I look at the students I have met and the students I have heard about, I know that America’s future is in good hands. The students of FFA are the future of agriculture.

Since I’ve joined FFA I’ve learned and experienced all these things. I now know what I want to do with my life. I also know the diversity and importance of agriculture. I believe in myself more when it comes to public speaking. I’ve learned to use my leadership skills and develop them into stronger skills. Since I’ve joined FFA I know the organization is more than farmers.  Its seekers, public speakers, teachers, technologist, politicians, scientist, accountants and so much more. Since I’ve Joined FFA I have become a better person, a better leader,  a better friend, and better, advocate. Thank you to The National FFA Organization for everything you have given me and taught me.

Lisandra Mejia

COO & Editor

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Meaning of FFA

For many people that are not involved with FFA, or agriculture in general; they think of FFA as broad topics. They think about what is being broadcasted in the media, though it is not always the truth. Before I joined the FFA, I mainly thought that agriculture was just farming. Now with being a part of the FFA, it is much more to me. Even though my main focus may be in horticulture, I now know more about Ag and FFA. It doesn’t matter if you are set on doing one thing in the FFA, you will find yourself learning all new things. Although FFA might not seem like the ideal thing for you, you may never know unless you try. It may change your life! In the eyes of some, they know absolutely nothing about FFA, while others only know what they hear or see. Although the news is informing people to a certain degree; most of it is biased, a twisted truth, a total lie, or only half of the whole facts. To the media, FFA is viewed as just farming, but it is much more than GMO’s, animals, and crops; it is leadership development, personal growth, and career success.

For a member of FFA, we take the meaning to be much more than what others would think. To all of the members, FFA is one large family. We may dislike each other at times, but in the end, we are always there for each other. As an FFA member, we experience moments that are unforgettable no matter the time or place. It does not matter if we are in the classroom, a short and quick field trip, a whole day with other members, or even a convention. Members of the FFA will always find ways to have fun and make these times memorable.

Within a school’s Ag department, there will always be those different groups of kids. The ones who have a strong hold in either productions or mechanics; and the ones that are involved in more than one aspect of the organization. There are never any two people alike within the FFA, everyone is unique in their own way. Everyone in FFA can find their own niche and what they are good at. It doesn’t matter if that may be what the are interested in, or the group of people they hang out with, or even the different CDEs they are involved in. Each member has their own story that travels way back and will last them a lifetime. While each member may be different in their own way, we are all brothers and sisters of the blue and gold.


Everything Agriculture Writer

~Tabitha J. Dauberman


A Lesson on Success and Defeat

I know that most of us don’t like being defeated in any way in life, but sometimes that defeat is just what we need to grow. Now I know that it’s not easy to accept failure, but it’s just a part of life. If you never fail at something every once in a while you will never learn that failure is actually necessary. It is necessary to be able to find your purpose in life. I understand that this might not make any sense at the moment, but I’m sure that eventually, it will make sense to you. Failure is not something that is easy to accept. Even if you work really hard for something that you think you deserve, you’re going to have to lose at least once. It’s in those moments that you learn the most about yourself and your abilities.

Failure is not something that is easy to accept even if you work really hard for something that you think you deserve, you’re going to have to lose at least once. The reason is because it’s in those moments that you learn the most about yourself and your abilities.

I have to be completely honest with you. I don’t like a failure or defeat especially when it comes to following my dreams. To make this actually make sense, I’m going clear back to Colorado FFA State Convention and interviews for a Colorado FFA State Office last year. During that week I was looking forward to the possibility of serving the Colorado FFA Association and its members. Sadly that didn’t happen and that’s okay because I got the opportunity to learn from that feeling of defeat. Through this, I found my purpose in life. I figured out what I actually wanted to go to college for in the end. So if that doesn’t make you think that defeat is a part of your journey, then I don’t know what else I can tell you.

But success is the fun part of the journey even though it takes a whole lot more work. “Success isn’t built overnight and it isn’t measured in dollars. Success is something you develop over time and is measured by the people in your life you’ve impacted. Success should be something that makes you happy because, in the end, that happiness will make the success worth while. Obstacles can be a metaphorical mountain. Each mountain you climb gives you more experiences.Don’t stop the climb because the view is beautiful at the top I understand that mountains are hard to climb and overcome but you just have to keep pushing forward because if you don’t push yourself then you will end up in the valley even though sometimes we don’t really expect to see a beautiful view at the end of our mountain on the mountain top is where you truly find yourself because every single obstacle we face can either leave us in the valley or we can choose to keep pushing through our challenges and find ourselves in a beautiful spot on the mountain now I understand that every mountain isn’t always beautiful but you can make the mountain your on beautiful by accepting the challenge because running away from the obstacle can make you lose your direction and then you end up where you didn’t want to be”

“Your power isn’t always found in your strength it’s found in your weakness because your weakness are a part of your story and your weakness can be used to find your strength even in your weakest moments when you feel inadequate just remember this your weakness leads you to your strengths”.

Not everything is always easy and simple to overcome. Most of the time it takes time but it’s worth the fight, because without fighting the barriers that try and hold you back from reaching your full potential.  This may actually alter us from doing everything we could do. Sometimes it’s not the obstacles that hold us back, it’s our mindset. Our mindset sometimes tells us that when we have the fear of failure and rejection inside our head, we’re not going to get very far. We have to start small and build up to our true potential. Don’t stop believing in yourself just because someone doesn’t think you’re capable of achieving your goals and dreams. If you don’t thrive during the journey you will never know what lies ahead of you. During the journey and you have to find joy in the journey of your life and be who you want to be.

Don’t live your whole life inside the box of your comfort zone. Take a step out of the comfort zone and then you will find your purpose and calling in this life. We can’t just be extraordinary people. We have to choose to be our extra awesome, astounding, authentic selves. We can try just be ordinary and status quo or we can choose to respond to our calling and be authentic and humble. The choice is yours so who do you want to be? Just ordinary, or are you going to choose to be the leader you was born to be. You choose to be whichever one you want to be.  Do you want to be the kind of a leader that makes a difference? If so, don’t forget, to be honest and fair in the game of life, don’t let any fear hold you back from reaching your full potential.

If you let your fear hold you back from discovering your purpose, and then you will be living a life that is less than what you expected. The problem with that is that you let the fear of the unknown have control over your journey, and we can’t find joy in the journey of a life filled with fear and regret so step inside of the fire of your potential because life is not tried it merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire.” Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. When you are on top, it is important to stay humble. When you’re sad, it’s important to stay hopeful.

If you let your fear hold you back from discovering your purpose, and then you will be living a life that is less than what you expected. The problem with that is that you let the fear of the unknown have control over your journey, and we can’t find joy in the journey of a life filled with fear and regret so, step inside of the fire of your potential. Life is not tried, it is merely survived. If you’re standing outside the fire. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. When you are on top, it is important to stay humble. When you’re sad, it’s important to stay hopeful.

In the real world, it doesn’t matter who you are you are never entitled. Victory is a product of the fight. Know that what you are going through what every successful person has gone through in the history of all mankind, you may not understand. This struggle is a beautiful sign that you are in the midst of what separates great from average. The world sees struggle and hardships as a time to pack it all up and walk away, but let me tell you something you can’t make anything happen without moving Forward in the face of adversity.

We all have our bad days and our good days, but the things that test us are not meant to break us. They are meant to rebuild us. It can make us stronger than we were before. At the same time somethings are meant to test us, so that we can experience the joy of growing through the storms. We didn’t give up and from what others thought would break us. It is actually what we grew from, never underestimate the power of the impossible. Nothing is ever impossible unless you believe that it is impossible.

For you to accomplish, never lose hope in yourself and never be satisfied with defeat. Always work towards the thing that people think is impossible for you to accomplish, and leave an everlasting impact on somebody’s life.You never know who you could be inspiring. Never give up on yourself because every single obstacle we face can either leave us in the valley or we can work on climbing up the mountain.  It’s your choice you can make the mountain your own or you can live inside of your comfort zone. Believe me when I say that there is no true achievement found inside your comfort zone. Everything you will accomplish is either inside of the realm of your comfort zone or it’s way outside of your comfort zone. The further you step outside of your comfort zone the easier it gets to go through the storms of this life.

Hayleigh Smith
Everything Agriculture Writer
“So God made an Owl”
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The Power in numbers

How many members are in your FFA chapter? 500? 300? 50? 8? The number doesn’t matter, what matters is the influence that FFA has in each one of its members. You could have 1,000 members but how many are going to come to the meetings, compete in CDE’s. Not even mentioning how many would attend leadership conferences and grow as a leader.


In my chapter, we have 37 members. Compared to a lot of schools from my state we are a rather small chapter. While we might be small we have so many members that are passionate about agriculture and truly hold an inborn fondness. This past FFA week was our first FFA week we were able to hold for our school; since our new agriculture teacher. This year we have had the opportunity to hold a staff breakfast and the support from students and teachers was phenomenal. Almost every teacher had a button on that said: “I support FFA.” FFA week was a way for us to say “Hey, we might not have a lot of members, but are part of a national organization that makes a difference!”


I used my own chapter as an example to prove that there is power in numbers. Even if the numbers are small you can make a difference. My chapter is 37 members out of 649,355 FFA members nationally. The amazing thing about FFA is that we are all in different aspects, but we are all working towards the same goal. The number of bright young minds that are developing in classrooms everywhere; and will be advancing the agriculture industry.


The number of future agriculturalists is astonishing from current FFA and 4-H members alone. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of children who will be involved in agriculture when they get older. There are so many people involved in agriculture globally, that there is no reason for the millions of people around the world should go hungry. With the population that we have, we should be able to destroy world hunger. This achievement is in reach of us, every year we get one year closer to ending world hunger. With more and more people getting involved we are coming to a conclusion on this battle. Currently, the numbers are on our side. The National FFA organization has the power of numbers.


Lisandra Meija,

Everything Agriculture Editor & Writer