Introducing the Next Generation Agriculturalists

I would like to invite all the young agriculturalists out there to join a brand spanking new Facebook group, the Next Generation Agriculturalists! If you show livestock, grow plants, are in FFA, 4-H, Grange, or involved in any other agricultural role this group is perfect for you! People from coast to coast that share the passion … Continue reading Introducing the Next Generation Agriculturalists

The Positives of Equine Therapy

When the word therapy comes to mind, we typically think about talking to someone about their issues or having physical therapy to help heal injuries. In fact, there are more than a hundred different types of therapy. One that is not as well known is equine therapy. Equine therapy helps people with addiction and disorders. … Continue reading The Positives of Equine Therapy

The Heart of True Service

I remember when I was going through State Officer interviews. I got the golden question. It asked, "In your own words, how would you describe service?" First, let's start off with the definition of service. Service; the action of helping or doing work for someone. You’re probably wondering what does this mean? This means that … Continue reading The Heart of True Service

Livestocknation: Agriculture Leadership

Some of us are aware of the recent wildfires that have affected many farms in the United States. This has been a very tragic event, not just for farmers and ranchers, but for people throughout the United States.   One thing I've noticed is that even during challenging moments, farmers are there to support each … Continue reading Livestocknation: Agriculture Leadership

Fight for Provo Ag! (Why your school cannot end its FFA Chapter)

Provo, Utah is home to a great FFA Chapter. Provo FFA has been around for a while and is a successful chapter. Provo school has received a grant to build a new school! But, Provo Ag has received the news that"Agriculture is not that important to put money and time in". Provo FFA's president created a … Continue reading Fight for Provo Ag! (Why your school cannot end its FFA Chapter)

The Ag Teacher Shortage

If you are involved in an agriculture organization, whether it's FFA or 4-H you’ve heard the biggest challenge we are facing; the agriculture teacher shortage. Programs are closing, chapters are shrinking and students aren’t getting involved in the most important industry to mankind. With a growing industry with such high demand, our industry needs more … Continue reading The Ag Teacher Shortage