About Us

Everything Agriculture is a student created and student ran organization that communicates the importance of agriculture


We create educational courses on each area of agriculture from swine production to corn production to social media management.


We want to connect agriculturalists across America whether its animal production to plant production we want America to stand together.


Everything Agriculture's largest goal is to give students and opportunity to experience internet jobs related to agriculture through us.

Our story

“I was a freshman in high school and I had recently joined FFA and I was in love with the organization. At the time I had created a little for fun account on instagram about pigs because I was a breeder. I wanted to expand this account to include everything that agriculture had to offer, I guess that’s how I got the name.  On Halloween of 2016 I created the first post under the new name and it was a fact about chickens. In January 2017 I had an FFA pen-pal from North Carolina and she was a writer and I guess that influenced me to create a blog and a website. I registered the domain and Lisandra was the first blog post. I remember getting reposted on Farming_Truth and I thought it was the coolest thing in the 

world and felt famous. I remember getting to email national FFA officers and having an natioanl officer know who I was, it was the little things. As things moved on I remember getting 200 likes on a post and reaching half a million people on a post and all that good stuff. I want to continue to grow Everything Agriculture into new areas on the internet and invite more people the EA family. What really matters to me right now is to give young people an opportunity in digital journalism, graphic design, web design, and whatever else we can offer to give them experience and have a successful career later down the road and lead the future of agriculture.”

-Randolph Rego, Creator of Everything Agriculture