New Year, Smarter Me.

“New Year, New me” the phrase that has taken over everyone’s Facebook and Twitter feed. Most people set resolutions and within the first few weeks have broken them. What about instead of saying “I’m going to eat healthier, I’m going to go to the gym every week,” we do simpler, more attainable goals. Goals about learning and improving ourselves mentally and emotionally.  Here are some New Year’s resolutions that everyone involved in agriculture should have.

  1. Learn about a new commodityAg-crops

Whether your passion is raising cattle or growing tomatoes, it is always beneficial to expand your horizons. If there is a new crop you’ve heard rumors about, check it out! Taking tours of local farms is another great way to learn about the diversity of commodities at a local level.

  1. Learn about your state agriculture

nc agFrom Christmas trees to sweet potatoes and seafood, North Carolina agriculture is fascinating. I love learning about the many commodities and random agriculture facts about the state I am from.  I encourage everyone else to research the products and statistics about the place that they call home.

  1. Learn a new agriculture fact every day


Check out Everything Agricultures social media pages. We post an agriculture fact every day on Facebook and Instagram! There are also other great advocating pages to learn about the industry that feeds the world.

  1. Take on a new challenge


If you’re in FFA or 4-H try a new competition! Learn a new skill, work on a new leadership quality. If you’re not in those two awesome clubs take on a new endeavor. Try a new hobby, grow a new plant, get a new plant. Either way, challenge yourself, it only makes you better.

5.Advocate more for what you love

farmcityWe’ve all heard the saying “Stand up for what you believe in”, well it’s time that we all do. It might be advocating locally by talking on a radio show, getting a spot in the local newspaper, or advocating with your FFA chapter. It might be statewide by calling your representatives and advocating about a new policy focused on agriculture. Or it might be advocating national and globally with us at Everything Agriculture or another advocating page. No matter how you do it we all have a voice and we need to use it for what we believe in.

If you have an awesome new year’s resolutions that other agriculturalist should know about the comment below and let us know!

-Lisandra Mejia

Editor/ Vice President for Everything Agriculture

Cover photo: Alyssa Berry

Advocating every day, every way

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