Navigating National Convention

For many FFA members, this is your first time attending the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. You’re preparing for the legendary sea of blue that your agriculture teachers have told you about. You’re packing for the unpredictable weather of Indianapolis. Most of all you’re preparing for all the memories and experiences you’re going to make in one of the best weeks out of the year. But what are you supposed to do with all the amazing opportunities at National Convention? How do you decide which sessions to attend and places to tour. Here is a guide to help you navigate all the wonderful opportunities.


Attend the career expo

The career expo is a great way to learn about thousands of job opportunities while riding a mechanical bull. At the main convention hall, there are over 2 acres of booths and education that you should be sure to check out.


Get signatures in the back of the guidebook

Part of attending National convention is meeting people from all over the country. In the back of the guidebook, there is a section to get signatures from each state and some special signatures too. This is a great way to make new friends from dozens of states.


Attend multiple sessions

Whether you attend a session for your favorite national officers retiring address or because your chapter is receiving an award. It is always a great experience to attend multiple sessions and hear what the speakers have to say, and see how amazing chapters around the country are.


Check out the agriscience fair

The agriscience fair is a great way to learn about the advancements in agriculture and hear from the future of agriculture talk about their passion. You never know you might find a new passion.


Take a photo with a cowboy hat and lasso

There are many photo challenges that take place at National convention. But a vital part of gaining the full experience of convention is finding the cowboy hat booth at the FFA mall. Whether you get a crazy color or stick with the classic brown cowboy hat it is essential to take a photo wearing one.


Shop the FFA mall

Going along with the cowboy hat, the FFA mall is one of the most amazing stores there is. There are cowboy boots, phone cases, hundreds of different types of shirts, and so much more! If you’re obsessed with FFA apparel like I am, your little FFA heart will be overwhelmed.


Learn new accents

One of the coolest things to do when meeting new people is to play around with their accents. Coming from a very southern area, it is pretty strange hearing people call “coke” something like “pop” or “soda.”  So while you’re meeting new people ask them to say a couple of words to see if they speak differently.


Check out the hall of states

Hall of States is where representatives from each state bring crops and commodities from their state and teach you about the state. This is something like a mini cross-country road trip without spending all that money on gas.


Attend the rodeo and concert

How often do you get to go to a concert with a huge group of your friends and hang out and listen to some awesome music? That’s exactly what the concert and rodeo offer. You get to watch the worlds toughest rodeo and listen to the amazing Rascal Flatts and Runaway Jane. You get to experience these events without having to deal with all the other outside distractions.


Use the Everything Agriculture hashtag on posts

If you’re posting a pic of FFA way, Indianapolis Speedway, or some awesome pics of you and your chapter, we want to see them! At your time in Indy, we want to see how everyone experiences National Convention. So when you post use our hashtag #EAat90!


Have a great convention everyone, and stay safe!


-Lisandra Mejia

Vice President/Editor for Everything Agriculture

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