Hoo threw the party?

Agriculture teachers always surprise us every day whether it’s an amazing lesson plan or a surprise field trip; they always seem to make our day better. So how can we make their day better? Maybe help out in the class a little bit, bring a gift, or maybe even write them a thank you letter. The Carson Valley FFA chapter in Nevada decided to throw their Ag teacher a surprise party for her birthday.

The party started after school and was supposed to be a surprise, but being a wise owl she figured it out so it wasn’t really a surprise. Either way after school a group of passionate and caring students gathered in Mrs. Futch’s classroom and partied for nearly 4 hours after school. Through the planning and hard work of the officer team, Mrs. Futch was pleased with what she found in her room. The party was definitely something to remember. It showed Mrs. Futch that she was loved by her chapter.

If you ask most agriculture teachers why they do what they do they will say “To be a positive role model for students and teach about my passion.” Mrs. Futch has been that and more to the students of Carson Valley. “She’s not just a teacher or an advisor, she’s a mentor. She spends as much time as possible to allow us to thrive in the FFA. It was the least we could do” – FFA Officer. This action that they put into place is one of the small ways the chapter has used to show their advisor gratitude.

The gratitude aspect is not the only thing that makes this an extraordinary chapter. This was also a great way to bond the chapter. From the food fight and playing “Just Dance” to fixing hotdogs this was a great experience for their chapter.  In that moment the members didn’t realize that those hours spent together goofing off would have such an impact on them. The time spent hanging out with their chapter helped them grow in communication skills and helped the whole chapter connect and build more friendships.

So throwing the party for their advisor not only made her day, but it actually helped the chapter in the long run. It included new members to come mingle with veteran members. It also gave the officer team a chance to plan something without the support of an advisor which for any officer team is a valuable and resourceful skill.  Many chapters can use the birthday party idea to make an impact in their advisors’ life and to maybe spark a passion in someone else’s.

-Lisandra Mejia

Editor and Vice President of Everything Agriculture

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