Elementary Equipment Education

This weeks chapter of the week is dedicated to the chapter that focuses on developing the next generation while making sure there is a next generation to teach. While in younger grades we are taught about fire safety and online safety there was something most of us were missing. That was farm and equipment safety. Monmouth Roseville FFA chapter in Illinois has devoted themselves to changing that.

While using the hands-on experience they taught 5th graders in the community how to handle farming equipment and what to do if the unexpected happens. One of the workshops took place with a fake grain silo that they had built. The workshop was that someone had fallen into the silo and the students had to figure out a calmly way to get them out. This used real-life scenarios to prepare students for the small possibility that something like this could happen and how to respond to it.

Monmouth Roseville also used their resources to teach the kids about proper ATV, tractor, railroad safety.  This among other are agricultural skills that the kids learned from the members.  The chapter said that they felt that there was a need in the community for the young people to know how to act around equipment and how to treat it. Teaching these students was just as impactful for the FFA members. It combined their passion for teaching, with their passion for the kids.

This was a great way to combine high schoolers with 5th graders and help build relationships between them. While also giving the high schoolers the experience of teaching and giving the 5th graders the information that could possibly save their life one day. All FFA chapters should be reaching out to younger communities around the nation to make sure that no careless mistake changes a students life.  It is the duty of FFA members to exert an influence in their home and community, and this FFA chapter is doing exactly that.


-Lisandra Mejia

Vice President/Editor for Everything Agriculture

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