A Community of Support

As most of us have heard by now the United States has been devastated by hurricanes that have come through and left a long trail of devastation and destruction. Something wonderful about our nation, on the other hand, is when some are struggling, as a nation, we pull together to reach out a helping hand. You’ve heard of volunteers traveling to the disaster areas but what do people do if they can’t drop everything and go help. You donate, whether it’s blood, money, food, donations are always needed. This weeks chapter of the week does exactly just that. The Centre FFA chapter of Alabama are living the last line of the FFA motto; “Living to Serve.”


The chapter itself was impacted by Hurricane Irma but was not as affected as the counties around them. They received heavy rain and strong winds. Once they found out about how harmful the hurricanes were to surrounding counties and surrounding states they decided to take action. They knew that they wanted to take donations to help out the families, but was faced with a problem. How would they deliver everything they collected. After planning and contemplating how to overcome this obstacle they came to the conclusion of reaching out to some other groups in the community that was also working on relief efforts. When partnering with the local Boy Scout Troops they found a way to get the supplies to the people that really need them. They have been able to collect canned foods, cleaning supplies, school supplies and much more.


From the kindness of the hearts of the members, they hope to help anyone in need. They are willing to help anyone in need which is a great example of how FFA members need to present themselves. Whether the people that they help wear the blue jacket or don’t they are making a difference, and helping build a community back after such havoc. As one of the officers said, “I hope they know that even though we weren’t affected, we do care about them and we want to help them out in any way we can.” The Centre FFA chapter is a great example to all other chapters, that as an FFA community we need to help wherever help is needed.


-Lisandra Mejia, Vice President/Editor for Everything Agriculture

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