Dear Ag Teacher,

Dear Ag Teacher,

I want you to know everything you have done for me throughout the years, it’s truly amazing. You have given me a plan, a purpose, a support, and a creed.

When I say you’ve given me a plan I’m talking about the next 20 years of my life. I didn’t understand what that would be until I met you. Since I’ve met you I now know what I want to do, where I want to go, and what I want to be within my life. Yes, you have taken me down various paths among agricultural life, what I mean by this is most of the CDEs you’ve introduced me to. Through these, I’ve considered careers using the skills I learned. All the LDEs too, who would have thought I would memorize five paragraphs for a contest until you made me stand in front of the class and repeat it every day.

You gave me a purpose when you took me to my first state convention. Where I sat with people I had met, seen, and competed against the whole entire year. You made me want to be a better leader than I was. Instead of carrying around a backpack with pencils and study materials to be the designated holder of everyone’s stuff of every group competition. I wanted to be the leader who also took a leadership class, wanted to be FFA president and ASB president, planned fundraisers and events all while keeping my life in order. You made me strive to be better.

Your support came through with all of the right quotes, gestures, and your own personal sayings. You gave me a place to be, and things to do when my mind was in the clouds about everything else around me. It always seems like you know more about me than I know about myself. Which is probably true considering you always ask the right questions to help. I mean when you’re stuck in the car for more than ten minutes with a group of teens it’s impossible not to know what’s happening with everyone. The truth is my life has dramatically improved since I started going on trips and winning ribbons… doing things I never thought possible in a million years!

My creed is a little different from the one E.M. Tiffany wrote all those years ago but you told me I needed one. In short, it sounds a little like Family, FFA, and then everything else. I’m still revising mine as you can tell. Soon enough I’ll have it down.

The thing is you won’t know this until much later. Well, because I’m one of the kids who just walked into your classroom for the first time for my first day of eighth grade.

For now, you won’t remember scaring me with your enthusiasm for a couple weeks, how many times that one song came on during our car trips, driving around that empty cul de sac near the railroad tracks wherever we were or laughing at how silly we could be. But most of all… for now you won’t remember how proud of us you get every single time we did something amazing. That will always be because of you!


             The kid sitting in front of you

-Haleigh Meeks, Everything Agriculutre Writer


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