Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Agriculture

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There’s a lot going on in the news today, but I want to bring an important topic to your attention This topic is Hurricane Harvey. As you may know in Texas there has been one of the biggest hurricanes ever. Many lives have been lost and this is a tragic time for many families. The hurricane has also been a big impact on agriculture. Many things including gasoline and many kinds of animals. So what can we do to help with this.  What impacts does it have on agriculture?      


One of the the biggest things about this hurricane is that this storm has taken 44 lives and it’s not over yet (at the time i’m writing this). Families have been stranded on and in their cars. People were not expecting or warned about all the rain that was coming their way. So some decided to stay and ignore evacuation warnings.


The second biggest thing would be the animals in Texas. Since they did not evacuate in time many animals perished when the storm hit.This has not been covered greatly in the news. This is a truly sad thing to see how  many have died. Many pets have been abandoned and  will not survive. As many cattle and food animals have died this will affect all of us. There has been an estimated $150 million dollars worth of agriculture commodities that have been lost due to the hurricane. This impacts America’s economy and the consumer. That’s us, we are the consumer. So that means that some food prices are going to go up a lot because of the crop loss. Our grocery store isn’t the only thing that will be impacted so will our gas pumps.


As noticed by many Americans gasoline and diesel prices have gone up. This is due to the storm stopping some of or imports. Since some of the biggest producers of oil is in Texas then that means that there isn’t as much fuel in the US as there normally is. With means the demand for gasoline goes up. When demand goes up so does prices, this is affecting every person who drives a car, and the majority of transportation agencies. Hopefully soon prices will drop as we clean up and get imports and trucks moving in Texas.


I’ve told you the problems that are happening because of this hurricane, but how can we help. We can donate to help with the cause either it being our time or labor. A big light on this topic is all of the attention this topic is getting. With a lot of famous people are noticing this tragic event. And are going down with boats to help save people. This event has shown that we can all come together and work together to make the world a better place.

-Noah Bennett Everything Agriculture Writer

If you want to donate follow these links to help provide relief


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