The Biggest Lesson FFA Has Taught Me

All of us have learned from our time in the FFA. Some have learned to judge cows or speak in front of people. We’ve all gained knowledge that we didn’t have before.For some of us though the biggest lessons that we have learned aren’t what we are tested on or we use in a competition, the lessons that help us in life. This is the biggest lesson FFA has taught me.


The school year has either started, or we are counting down the days. This means that binge watching season is for the most part over. Grey’s Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why, and if you are a D.C. Fan; like me maybe The Arrowverse is what you’ve been watching. In every single one of these shows is a timeline. As we all know Newton’s third law states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Going back to 13 Reasons Why the tapes are the reaction to what each one of the characters did to Hannah. Or any change in the past in the “Legends of Tomorrow” has an equal effect on every individual’s present and future lives.


Let’s think back, do you remember what you wanted to be when you were seven? Maybe you wanted to be a doctor, fireman, or a spy, but as we all know plans change. For every action we have on this earth we get an equal and opposite reaction. Whether that’s positive or negative. Most of us believe that we create our futures. Be that as it may, maybe our future is already planned for us.


This means that every person, place, thing, and idea we visit, see, or think of was exactly where we needed to be in that piece of our timeline. I know it sounds crazy because that’s exactly what it is. Without the certain events that happen in our lives we would never end up where we are right now. Every success, failure, and experience we have become a part of the story that changes at the least one person’s life in our future!


We always end up right where we are supposed to be. I wanted to be a graphic designer until my ag teacher took me to a forestry camp… then I wanted to be a forester. Let’s say that didn’t last for long. I have the next fifteen years of my life planned out all because one person walked into my life and told me “Every man must have a code and a creed to live by.” That was my ag teacher. Now I want to become an Ag Teacher and even though I’ve planned out my life. We all know that life shakes up a couple times along the way, but what’s meant to be will happen. If anything this is one of the biggest lessons FFA has taught me!


Haleigh Meeks

Everything Agriculture Writer

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