Thoughts I Never Had About FFA

We all have those things that we once had no clue about, but are now obsessed with. For some this may be a tv show or sport, for others, on the other hand, it can be a life changing organization. For me, it was The National FFA Organization. Through my time in the organization, there have been times I realized that the stuff I worried about and thought about now, I didn’t years ago. So here are a few things that I never thought about before joining.

1.The impact of FFA

Before eighth grade, I had no clue that this amazing organization even existed! Let alone what it meant, or what it would mean to me in the future. All I knew at that point is that my ag teacher was scary and that I didn’t understand how anything he was saying correlated to the class. Soon enough I figured it out after he sent me to my first camp competition two weeks later. I realized that this organization was more than farming it was going to change my life!

2. How many friends I would make

I swear I had fifteen contacts, and ten friends on snap chats before I joined FFA. Let’s just say now I have 98 contacts and 42 snap chats. Some are creed speakers I competed against, kids I have seen three days out of every year for the past four years, the BIG team we saw at EVERY competition, or maybe it’s was just that one person who thought I looked familiar! Either way, I somehow found super smart friends for life! FFA members are just so friendly you could go to any event and probably make 5 new friends.

3. How crazy I would feel

I have never walked around my kitchen counter in high heels for two hours saying the same paragraph. I have never stood in my living room and flipped pieces of paper sitting on barstools acting like it’s a judge asking me a question. Those are lies. CDE practices and rituals make us feel insane. Especially repeating the same 5 paragraphs over and over… and over. I never realized what extent I would go to for studying a subject for a competition until this organization

4.How much of a fangirl I could be

A throwback to my freshman year; we had 2 state officers come to my school. When they arrived I fan girl so hard that I asked them for their autographs on a piece of binder paper. Fun fact that paper still hangs on my wall three years later. I also became a complete stalker for two days because they came to my volleyball game and I went to basically every breakfast, lunch, and dinner with them! I was way out of hand on the fan girl radar! I still go crazy every time they are around.

5.How irritating nylons are

GIRLS!! I feel like we all have problems with nylons! There isn’t a single shade that doesn’t make you look like a porcelain doll and if you are a bigger girl like me you have multiple layers! They are the most uncomfortable and hardest things we ever have to put on! Don’t even get me started on the shoes either. Most FFA girls wear heels and I’m gonna give a warning to guys and say “If you’re ever around any girls do not say how much your feet hurt.” That’s a good way to get evil eyed and yelled at.

I’ve had the greatest time of my life in this organization and I hate that soon for me it will end. To all of you that are just starting your wonderful journey in this organization, take the time to realize how you grow and change. Realize that the things you used to think about aren’t always still what you think about.


-Haleigh Meeks

Everything Agriculture Writer

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