Agriculture From Coast to Coast

Agriculture: the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. As we all know agriculture is more than farming, but it is also not just a local thing. This is a worldwide occupation, but for the purpose of this article, we will focus on the national impact. If you would like to further your knowledge click on each state you are interested in to learn more about.

Alabama–  Alabama is 2nd in broiler (poultry)  production in the nation.

Alaska– There are 762 farms in Alaska.

ArizonaYuma, Arizona is the winter lettuce capital of the world.

Arkansas– Arkansas ranks 1st in the nation in rice production.

CaliforniaCalifornia produces more than 400 animal and plant commodities annually

ColoradoThere are over 1 billion eggs laid in Colorado each year.

Connecticut– Connecticut has over 70,000 acres of land devoted to shellfish farming

Delaware– 41% of Delaware’s land is used for farming.

Florida– Florida is responsible for producing 63% of the nation’s citrus production

Georgia-One in seven Georgians works in agriculture, forestry or related fields.

Hawaii Hawaii ranks sixth in the nation for tree nut sales.

Idaho– Idaho is the #1 producer of potatoes in the nation making up 30% of the nation’s potato production.

Illinois– Illinois is the #1 producer of soybeans in the nation producing over 560,000 bushels.

Indiana – Indiana produces the most ducks in the country.

Iowa– Iowa is the #1 producer of corn in the nation producing over 2.7 billion bushels.

Kansas– Kansas is the #1 producer of wheat in the nation producing over 467 million bushels.

Kentucky– Kentucky is the #7 state in broiler chicken production, also Kentucky has a big equine industry employing over 40,000 people.

Louisiana– Louisiana is one of the top producers of sugar and rice, also Louisiana leads the country in crawfish production.

Maine– Maine leads the nation in wild blueberry production and is 2nd in maple syrup production.

Maryland– Maryland has one of the top poultry industries in the country selling over 300 million broiler chickens.

Massachusetts– Massachusetts is one of leading state of Greenhouse and Nursery.

Michigan– Michigan is one of the country’s top producers of apples, blueberries and cherries also Michigan is one of the country’s leading producers of sugar beets.

Minnesota– Minnesota is the country’s leader in sugar beet production, producing over 34% of all sugar beets of the United States. Also, Minnesota produces the most turkeys in the country.

Mississippi – Mississippi is the number one state of catfish and also one of the top states in sugarcane and rice production.

Missouri – Missouri accounts for 6% of the soybeans and rice produced in the United States.

Montana – In Montana the average ranch is over 2000 acres big.

Nebraska – In Nebraska 1 in 4 jobs are agriculture related.

Nevada – Nevada has over 5.8 million acres of ranches.

New HampshireMilk and greenhouse/nursery crops account for more than half of the state’s agricultural sales receipts.

New Jersey– New Jersey produced over 63 million pounds of bell peppers in 2016.

New Mexico- Roughly 10,000 families have cattle in New Mexico.

New York – New York had one of the most diverse agriculture industries in the country.

North Carolina -There are more pigs than people in North Carolina.

North Dakota – 90% of all land in North Dakota is used in the agriculture industry.

Ohio– Ohio is the number one producer of Swiss cheese in the country.

Oklahoma – Oklahoma is the 5th leading state for beef production.

Oregon – Oregon is the number one state for Christmas tree production.

Pennsylvania- Almost 70 percent of Pennsylvania’s farm income comes from livestock product sales.

Rhode Island– 8.2 million oysters are harvested each year from Rhode Island.

South Carolina– Agriculture produces $42 billion dollars annually for South Carolina.

South Dakota– Every year 3 million acres of wheat are planted.

Tennessee– There is more of variety of trees in Tennessee than any other state

Texas– Agriculture employs one out of every seven working Texans

Utah– Beef makes up 69%  of Utah’s farm cash receipts

VermontVermont is the largest hay-producing state in New England.

VirginiaThe average farm size in Virginia is 179 acres

Washington– Making up 70% of apple production for the Nation, Washington is the top producer in the nation.

West Virginia– 95% of the farms in West Virginia are family owned

Wisconsin– Wisconsin is ranked first in cheese and cranberry production.

Wyoming Wyoming is the headwater of four major water drainage basins.


Each state is unique in every aspect you look at. There are a lot more facts about each state that are impactful and incredible, but we only did one fact for each state. If you have a fact about your state please message us, we would love to hear it! Be sure to share this with each state FFA association and agriculture organization.

-Lisandra Mejia

VP/Editor for Everything Agriculture

Will Atkinson

Writer and Marketer for Everything Agriculture


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