The Heart of True Service

I remember when I was going through State Officer interviews. I got the golden question. It asked, “In your own words, how would you describe service?” First, let’s start off with the definition of service. Service; the action of helping or doing work for someone. You’re probably wondering what does this mean? This means that service is the foundation of FFA. So we as leaders in this organization have to be filled with want to serve.

I know you’re wondering, how would I describe service? The way I describe service is helping someone out with the kindness of your heart, expecting nothing in return. This means that you do a good deed because it impacts others. 

The next way I would describe service is putting others before yourself. Meaning you go out of your way to meet a person’s needs before yours. For example, a person didn’t have a shirt. You would give that person the shirt off your back to provide him with clothing. This is the cliche version of service we think of “I would give you the shirt off my back.” While we’ve all heard it, a true leader says it and means it. They are willing to help others even if it takes away from them. Service can also be on an emotional need as well. Service isn’t always doing something for someone, sometimes it is just listening to what someone has to say. You serve others out of your own heart, not out of your brain thinking you will get a reward. Rather service has a deeper impact on everyone involved.

Service is done with passion. Without passion, you are not performing service. Okay, I lied you are still doing service but not for the right reasons. You see service isn’t self-centered it’s about others. The reward from service is seeing how others prosper from your works.

As FFA members, you’re probably wondering what does this mean? Well, let me tell you. This means that it is our job as FFA members to serve. I know we hear this all the time in this organization, but it’s the truth. “Living to serve.” We as FFA members should live to serve, and not expect anything in return. The  reward that is gained from service is bigger than yourself. This means that every time we zip up this FFA jacket it’s our duty to inspire somebody. It’s our job to show the world that agriculture will always be a way of life.

You see, when we serve we have to set ourselves aside and ask ourselves what can we do for others? When we serve the only reward that matters is that a difference was made in the lives of others.  We shouldn’t expect any materialistic things in return. We should instead ask that a heart of service is continued to be passed on to make this organization greater. As the FFA creed States that we must believe in agriculture with a faith not born of words, but of deeds.

So all I ask is that you take the time to ask yourself. What can I do for others? Not how will this benefit me? 

Rico Roberts,

Everything Agriculture Writer

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