Meaning of FFA

For many people that are not involved with FFA, or agriculture in general; they think of FFA as broad topics. They think about what is being broadcasted in the media, though it is not always the truth. Before I joined the FFA, I mainly thought that agriculture was just farming. Now with being a part of the FFA, it is much more to me. Even though my main focus may be in horticulture, I now know more about Ag and FFA. It doesn’t matter if you are set on doing one thing in the FFA, you will find yourself learning all new things. Although FFA might not seem like the ideal thing for you, you may never know unless you try. It may change your life! In the eyes of some, they know absolutely nothing about FFA, while others only know what they hear or see. Although the news is informing people to a certain degree; most of it is biased, a twisted truth, a total lie, or only half of the whole facts. To the media, FFA is viewed as just farming, but it is much more than GMO’s, animals, and crops; it is leadership development, personal growth, and career success.

For a member of FFA, we take the meaning to be much more than what others would think. To all of the members, FFA is one large family. We may dislike each other at times, but in the end, we are always there for each other. As an FFA member, we experience moments that are unforgettable no matter the time or place. It does not matter if we are in the classroom, a short and quick field trip, a whole day with other members, or even a convention. Members of the FFA will always find ways to have fun and make these times memorable.

Within a school’s Ag department, there will always be those different groups of kids. The ones who have a strong hold in either productions or mechanics; and the ones that are involved in more than one aspect of the organization. There are never any two people alike within the FFA, everyone is unique in their own way. Everyone in FFA can find their own niche and what they are good at. It doesn’t matter if that may be what the are interested in, or the group of people they hang out with, or even the different CDEs they are involved in. Each member has their own story that travels way back and will last them a lifetime. While each member may be different in their own way, we are all brothers and sisters of the blue and gold.


Everything Agriculture Writer

~Tabitha J. Dauberman


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