The Power in numbers

How many members are in your FFA chapter? 500? 300? 50? 8? The number doesn’t matter, what matters is the influence that FFA has in each one of its members. You could have 1,000 members but how many are going to come to the meetings, compete in CDE’s. Not even mentioning how many would attend leadership conferences and grow as a leader.


In my chapter, we have 37 members. Compared to a lot of schools from my state we are a rather small chapter. While we might be small we have so many members that are passionate about agriculture and truly hold an inborn fondness. This past FFA week was our first FFA week we were able to hold for our school; since our new agriculture teacher. This year we have had the opportunity to hold a staff breakfast and the support from students and teachers was phenomenal. Almost every teacher had a button on that said: “I support FFA.” FFA week was a way for us to say “Hey, we might not have a lot of members, but are part of a national organization that makes a difference!”


I used my own chapter as an example to prove that there is power in numbers. Even if the numbers are small you can make a difference. My chapter is 37 members out of 649,355 FFA members nationally. The amazing thing about FFA is that we are all in different aspects, but we are all working towards the same goal. The number of bright young minds that are developing in classrooms everywhere; and will be advancing the agriculture industry.


The number of future agriculturalists is astonishing from current FFA and 4-H members alone. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of children who will be involved in agriculture when they get older. There are so many people involved in agriculture globally, that there is no reason for the millions of people around the world should go hungry. With the population that we have, we should be able to destroy world hunger. This achievement is in reach of us, every year we get one year closer to ending world hunger. With more and more people getting involved we are coming to a conclusion on this battle. Currently, the numbers are on our side. The National FFA organization has the power of numbers.


Lisandra Meija,

Everything Agriculture Editor & Writer

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