Fight for Provo Ag! (Why your school cannot end its FFA Chapter)

Provo, Utah is home to a great FFA Chapter. Provo FFA has been around for a while and is a successful chapter. Provo school has received a grant to build a new school! But, Provo Ag has received the news that”Agriculture is not that important to put money and time in”. Provo FFA’s president created a video a couple of days ago spreading this issue. I want Provo High school and any other high school thinking about ending agriculture education at their school why ending FFA is a horrible decision. At the bottom is how to help and directly below are 5 reasons a school cannot end FFA.

FFA educates students on agriculture

I’m sure that if you are reading this you probably already know that FFA is about agriculture education. Students enrolled in an agriculture class learn so much. Whether it be how to properly take care of the plant (Yes, there is too much water), or how to stay safe around animals. An ag class also teaches all the work that goes into agriculture products and all the regulations on products. Agriculture is also hands-on education, there are so many things a student will learn in the intro to ag class.

FFA prepares students for a career

Most people outside of FFA think that FFA is just about becoming a farmer. FFA changed its name to National FFA organization in 1988 for a reason, FFA is more than farming. FFA does encourage a career in agriculture, but FFA prepares students for any career. Agriculture curriculum makes SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) mandatory. A common SAE is raising animals (Ownership/Entrpenaership). The FFA website goes in depth on all the types of SAEs.

FFA also has CDEs (Career Development Events). CDEs prepare students in more than 25 different events. Some such as vet science prepare students on vet skills while others such as job interview or marketing plan teach skills that can go into almost any job. FFA has a list of all of the CDEs.

FFA is leadership and teamwork

FFA teaches and encourages leadership and team. There are so many opportunities in FFA is development leadership skills. Every SAE requires good leadership. A majority of CDEs require students to be on a team. Greenhand conference, Winter leadership, Summer camp, state convention, and so much more teaches students leadership and teamwork. FFA members also have the opportunity to run for chapter office and can climb the ladder to becoming a state or even a national officer. As an officer myself, I know that being an officer you’ll learn how to be a great leader, work as a team, and even have fun.

FFA is Fun!

There is nothing more fun than going to a conference to be able to meet new people and see old friends. Even in your chapter, there is so much fun that is always awaiting you. All the inside jokes and nicknames you will get that come and go, but you will never forget. Even as a greenhand freshman I have had so much fun in my chapter.


In FFA everyone gets so close you feel like a family. The ag room is like a second home to me. My advisor is like a second mother. My fellow members are like brothers and sisters to me. Even as a freshman, I am never treated differently. We all respect each other and through thick and thin we are always there for each other.

Do you really want to end your FFA chapter? FFA is the only club that teaches you about an industry, employment skills, leadership, and is fun all in one.

For those in FFA, can you image losing all of this? Please email a letter about what FFA means to you and what FFA has done for you. It takes 15 minutes and it will save an FFA chapter. And check out the video below


Randolph Rego

Everything Agriculture Owner & CEO

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2 thoughts on “Fight for Provo Ag! (Why your school cannot end its FFA Chapter)

  1. I owe so much to the Dixie FFA Chapter is St. George Utah. FFA changed my life! With only 2% of the US population left Farming and Ranching FFA is vital to the sustainable future of Agriculture in America. Take the 15 minutes to write a letter. This is about more than amazing youth Agriculture leadership program in our schools (public and Charter), in the end this is about your food. #makeamericagreatagain #bringbacktradejobs

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    1. I agree! FFA has changed my life and FFA is necessary to feed a growing population. There is so much people can learn from taking one year of agriculture. And there are so many career paths in agriculture that anyone can live on and find interest in. #Thankafarmer
      -Randolph Rego


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