So God Made Owls

When people outside of agriculture education think of the term owls they think of a nocturnal animal that feeds on insects and rodent. However, there is another way to think of owls. Owls are the symbol for wisdom and for some of the greatest teachers everywhere. If we didn’t have the great opportunity to be a part of your Ag classes and wear that blue corduroy jacket that has been in style since 1928. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are because of you, we can say that you changed our lives left us with the ability to change the world and you gave us the opportunity to learn from some of the best.

God made owls because he knew that he needed someone to teach the next generation about the land and the food that this industry provides; so God made owls.

God made owls because he knew that he needed someone to be there for those people who go through hard times especially when it comes to their students.  He knew that everyone in this world goes through hard times and he made owls to help us endure through the storms of this life; so God made owls.

God needed somebody to teach us how to use our hands to make a difference in the world. He needed someone to help us get our hands dirty. Someone who will teach us not only how to get dirty, but how to work efficiently and think clearly with such knowledge and skill as we can secure; so God made owls.

God made owls because he needed someone to be a mentor and an inspiration to help us find motivation to go for everything we ever dreamed of.  To influence us to never underestimate the power of the impossible, because nothing is ever impossible unless you believe that it is impossible for you to accomplish.

So God made you owls because he knew that everyone has a purpose. When God gives you a purpose in life you discover that your career for something more than income. You chose to be an owl because you knew that you would not only enjoy it because of the moments where you were successful but because you believe in us..

So God made owls because he knew that we needed someone that we can talk about anything.  Besides FFA, CDES, SAES, livestock, applications, scholarships and state convention; we can talk with them about life. We can talk to them about the current situations and problems we are facing, even it’s personal. We can always talk to them about it no matter what.

So God made owls, not only to inspire but to motivate us. He made them to push us to actually fully believe in ourselves, even if we tried something. Let’s just say that this certain obstacle was a dream that you have. You’ve had this dream since you were a freshman, and that dream didn’t come true like you had hoped for. Your owl then tells you that this leads to more experiences. Owls give the advice to make us feel better, so God made owls.

Owls are a rare gift from God. They put others before themselves. Owls don’t use their gifts for themselves, rather they use them to serve others. In a way that is pleasing to the Lord and they share the love in their service.  “Dreams don’t always come true in a matter of chance. It takes a whole lot of guts, determination, hard work, passion, commitment, and above all a love for what you do. It’s not going to stop you all it is  a try.”

Hayleigh Smith

Everything Agriculture Writer

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